About Swadeshi Science Congress (SSC)

Swadeshi Science Movement- Kerala, is a popular science movement dedicated for the overall development of our country through the intervention of science and technology. It has been functioning in the state of Kerala since 1989, focusing on science popularization for social development. Swadeshi Science Movement aims at fostering multidisciplinary approach to local problems and promotion of India’s Scientific Heritage. It has been bestowed with two prestigious National Awards by Government of India viz. National Award for Outstanding efforts in Science and Technology Communication (2006- 07) by Ministry of Science and Technology, and Jawaharlal Nehru Prize (2005-06) for science popularization by Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Swadeshi Science Movement (SSM) has been organizing the Swadeshi Science Congress (SSC) every year, since its inception in 1991, to motivate researchers and to preserve our traditional wisdom in diversified fields. Swadeshi Science Congress is a platform for scientists, technocrats, research scholars, professionals, students and enthusiastic science communicators to present, discuss and disseminate their scientific knowledge. It is a congregation for exchanging their ideas and to work for the development of society through the intervention of Science, Engineering and Technology. The Congress encourages presentations in Malayalam also.

This year, Swadeshi Science Movement is conducting the Swadeshi Science Congress at Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) , Kochi with the Focal theme “Blue Growth”

Prospect of food production from alarmingly shrinking terrestrial farmyards has been posing uneasiness among administrators, policy makers and scientists globally in the back light of challenges from ever increasing demand for food. Driven by the severity of issues, attention has now largely been turned to aquatic environment whereby exploitation of aquatic resources is given prime importance. The question of the hour is whether such developments are possible without causing environmental damage while exploiting aquatic resources. Therefore, considerable efforts need to be directed towards introducing responsible and sustainable approaches for ensuring food security and economic growth. Fish production through capture and culture fisheries has been feeding millions of people world over besides catering to growth and development in global economy. Besides fishery resources, oceans and other wet land ecosystems provide many other resources which can largely contribute to the requirements of mankind. Judicious exploitation and management of these resources will definitely help to good governance in reducing the supply and demand gap for aquatic food besides ensuring social empowerment, economic growth, conservation of resources and environment safety, for supporting food and nutritional security, poverty alleviation and sustainable management of aquatic resources, Food and Agricultural Organization has put forward a ‘blue growth initiative’. Considering these aspects, Swadeshi Science Movement, Kerala Unit of Vijnana Bharati identified BLUE GROWTH as the focal theme for the 27th Edition of Swadeshi Science Congress, which is scheduled to be held during 7th to 9th November 2016 at CMFRI, Kochi. The focal theme of this Congress will be on aquatic resources and their sustainable utilization besides technological developments and economic considerations. It is expected that different stakeholders will table their valuable research findings and perceptions on the cardinal issues so as to carve out appropriate recommendations pertaining to sustainable blue growth initiatives.

"We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile
scientific discovery could have been made."
Albert Einstein